Escape Room Difficulty Rating and Bio Story Description




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Difficulty Rating 4.5/5 - Challenging




Explore a real pirate ship and find a long lost treasure. In this fully immersive escape game that is set on Captain Ratbeard Tony’s pirate ship, one of his own crew members has turned on him and left a trail of clues, puzzles and challenges to help you find the treasure.

Difficulty Rating 3.5/5.0 - Moderate



Moderate - Challenging

Under mounting scrutiny about the activities conducted at the Groom Lake Research Facility (a.k.a Area 51), the U.S. Government relocated its most sensitive research projects to various secret facilities around the nation. Sector 8, a Top-Secret research laboratory was among these projects and was relocated to Clearwater Beach, Florida in the mid-90's. It was thought that the research was complete and the project was dormant, but in the last few days the test subjects have revolted and taken over the facility.

Difficulty Rating 4.0/5.0 - Moderate - Challenging




Leonardo Da Vinci is regarded as one of the greatest minds in human history. As an accomplished artist, scholar, mathematician and scientist; this renaissance man seemed to have an unexplained insight into the universe. Modern day scholars continue to unlock Da Vinci's secret messages from the past and predictions for the future. Can you?

Difficulty Rating 3.0/5.0 - Moderate



Moderate - Challenging

Dr. Vladamir Stupnitzki, a gifted neurobiologist, was on the verge of a breakthrough for a cure for multiple diseases through a process he discovered called ‘Neurochemical manipulation’. When the first human trial using his process resulted in a fatality, his government research permits, laboratory, and funding were canceled and rescinded. Obsessed with continuing his research he created his own lab somewhere under the city streets and continued with his human trials. While this round of trials did not result in direct fatalities, what was created was much worse. Zombies. His patients produce a super-virus that is highly contagious and a Zombie pandemic is imminent. Find his lab, explore his research, make an antidote

Difficulty Rating 4.0/5.0 - Moderate - Challenging



Easy - Moderate

Your group has been summoned to receive an unexpected inheritance of your distant Great Uncle Marvin; a man of whom you didn't know existed until only moments ago. As a career government researcher and scientist, his last request was for his heirs to complete his work for which he considered a triumph for humanity. It is up to your group to crack Uncle Marvin’s passwords, decode his secret codes, and complete his history changing research.

Difficulty Rating 3.0/5.0 - Easy - Moderate



Easy - Moderate

One or more of several nations that have a well trained force of computer hackers decides to try to knock out the infrastructure of the United States. You have a briefcase that has been left by the group Anonymous, and as history has shown that it is not one to be taken lightly. Your team has been commissioned by the United States Government to thwart an imminent Cyber attack while you gather clues, solve puzzles, combine intel, decipher secret messages and trigger hidden mechanisms to stop an imminent Cyber Attack.

Difficulty Rating 2.5/5.0 - Easy - Moderate




While visiting friends in the city, you decide to jump on the subway to head downtown. As your sitting on the subway you hear a MTA message come over the speakers. “Attention, a malfunction has occurred involving the trains brake system." Work together to figure out the clues to get the emergency brakes back on line before you hit the end of the line.

Difficulty Rating 3.5/5.0 - Moderate


Escape Room Difficulty: How Do I Choose The Right Room?

The whole concept of Encrypted Adventures is to rack your wits to find puzzles and riddles within the room and search for the clues to solve the mission at hand in less than 60 minutes. There is no crime in failing to unlock the room within this timeframe. You can always ask for help from your very own personal Game Master. It’s all part of the fun. But in case you’re worried that an Escape Room might be too difficult for you, worry not. And here’s why.

Read the Bio on each room to understand what’s in store

Every room we have prepared for you has a bio story. When you come to Escape Room Clearwater Beach, you will have a chance to view this bio. The bio tells you the story of the room and what you’re going to have to do while in it. It paints a clear picture of the adventure that awaits you without spilling the beans. These bios are also available on our website where you can view them any time you want. In many cases, the bio will be enough to help you choose the right room for your team.

We’ve given each room a difficulty rating

To make matters even simpler, we have allocated each of our rooms a difficulty rating. We have carefully set these ratings and they should be a true reflection of how hard or how easy it is to attempt each room. These difficulty ratings can be found on the bio information of each Escape Room. These ratings range from 0-5, with zero being easy and 5 being very difficult. Of course, none of our rooms is a 5 - yet.

There’s a Game Master to advise you in person

And in case you still feel confused about choosing your room, in regards to difficulty or any other concern, you will have a specially-assigned Game Master to help you out. The game master will chaperone you about and help you understand each element of the Encrypted Adventures experience, including choosing a room that best fits your group.