Explore a real pirate ship and find a long lost treasure. In this fully immersive escape game that is set on Captian Ratbeard Tony’s pirate ship, one of his own crew members has turned on him and left a trail of clues, puzzles and challenges to help you find the treasure.

A Pirate's Adventure Escape Game, Just in time for Halloween!

Arrrr you qualified to be a pirate?

Clearwater Beach’s newest "escape room" Adventure game, “Haunted Pirate Ship” is also the best in Tampa Bay. Encrypted Adventures are masters of creating original, high-tech, challenging and fully-immersive experiences.

Encrypted Adventures - Escape Room Clearwater Beach has a brand-new, larger-than-life scenario unlike anything else out there, and just in time for Halloween!

Based on real-life events with a twist, Encrypted Adventures latest game features multiple rooms, state-of-the-art sound/light effects, and a specially made shipwreck. Built on the shores of Clearwater beach, full of spooky surprises, and just dying to be explored.

You remember the storm.
You remember seeing your sails being torn asunder.
You remember the waves.
You remember the sounds of timber snapping as your ship smashed into the sea, what you don’t remember is your “rescue”.
The storm seems like a safer option as you find yourself on the deck of “Rum’s Folly”, the last Pirate ship in the Caribbean Sea.  She is captained by the most wanted man of the East India Trading Company, RATBEARD TONY!!!  A savage, heartless buccaneer, filled to the brim with cruelty and greed.  While tanked on rum and violence, he has squeezed the sea and his crew for everything that he can for nearly a decade.
Tonight the sea and his crew have had enough…
Ratbeard Tony and “Rums Folly” are facing a reckoning.  The Sea is coming to sink “Rum’s Folly,” and the crew has turned on Captain Ratbeard.  Mutiny is inevitable and the storm will be on the ship in an hour.  Maybe you could relieve Ratbeard Tony of some of the treasure he has plundered while he is distracted by the storm and his crew?  His first mate has set an intricate set of puzzles protecting the captain’s booty.
Are you clever enough to pillage and escape “Rum’s Folly” and Captain Ratbeard Tony?