How it works

You’ll have a great time regardless of the real-life adventure you choose. 


Why Are we different?


Some people are worried quests could be too difficult or not enjoyable for them. This is why our adventures are created by a team of game masters to make sure quests flow well and everybody enjoys it. There are various quests ranging from finding something, or using something, through team cooperation and communication, to even creating something or doing a chemical experiment.

1. Invite friends

Invite friends, family, or coworkers! Escape Room Clearwater Beach is best experienced as part of a team. Each escape quest is designed to be played with a maximum of 8 guests, but you can book as many or as few tickets as you like. If you don’t book all 8 tickets in your timeslot, there’s a good chance someone else will book the remaining tickets and you’ll make new friends!

2. Buy tickets

Buy tickets here on our website. All Escape Room Clearwater Beach tickets must be purchased at least one hour in advance. Walk-ins are not allowed. Choose your Adventure, select the number of tickets you’ll need, and then find a date and a time that work well for you. Suitable before a party or during sightseeing

3. Enter your Adventure

Enter your adventure! You have 45-60 minutes to solve your quest, but if you do not find the solution within the 60 minutes, then your welcome to comeback to experience your adventure and find out what you missed. Please arrive on time to be able to prepare for your experience. You risk forfeiting your ticket if you are more than 15 minutes late.

4. Solve puzzles


While in the room your experiencing your adventure, you must work together as a team to find clues and solve puzzles,uncovering secrets and scandals along the way. Worst case scenario is you get stuck a bit and room master gives you a hint. It's even fine to be completely pathetic - as it is sometimes the best fun that way.

5. Come back


Come back! We debut a new escape room every six to 8 months, so If you have a good time (and we promise that you will), come back and play a different room! Escape games take 45-60 minutes so you can easily fit it into your daily schedule. Playing a game before evening party or dinner is a great idea, as you experience lot of fun you can later discuss together.